Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mesotherapy techniques in Ontario for Cosmetic Applications

Are you practicing in a jurisdiction where legislative changes have made it difficult to access products that you have come to trust as being helpful? In Ontario, homeopathic remedies which have been labelled for drinkable usage are not sanctioned by NDs to be used by injection, this means that we could look for other delivery methods or ways to work around this. For those that use meso technique already, remember that the needle (puncture) itself does in fact provide stimulation to the dermis, by provoking a slight inflammatory respose; one could always spray or brush the remedy on the skin after a procedure like nappage; in my practice I use Oxyendoermia see the following link for Video and a detailed description; Ontario NDs still need to learn and use mesotherapy. In my next post watch also for Ultrasound cavitation and other usages of Saline for the brake down of fatty tissue; Staying within scope and offering effective solutions.... Michael Rahman

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