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Looking for a tool to get you amazing clinical results and have happier clients?  Are you are looking for something specific for the dark circles under the eyes; for sagging skin, or to improve circulation in your stubborn cellulite patients?  Carboxy therapy, is the solution. As a stand alone therapy or as a compliment to your custom treatment strategy this is a MUST have service or offering.

I have used this service in practice now for a number of years, I find it an invaluable adjunctive therapy to my mesotherapy treatments; originally I came across it in Milan with Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Frasca, MD; my training in the technique is from the European Society of Aesthetics and Antiaging .

 A number of articles, written expect that carboxy therapy eventually will become more popular by maintaining natural expressions than compared to Botox skin aging treatment.

Aging can reduce blood circulation, which means less oxygen gets to the cells. As a result, the process of creating new cells slows or even stops. Injecting carbon dioxide gas under the skin tricks the body into believing it needs more oxygen, presumably resulting in an increase in blood flow and cell growth [Carboxytherapy is also believed to also have a lipolysis effect (breaks down fat cells)

Also, the therapy is a  maybe even a better target for weight loss procedure compared to liposuction. Carbox therapy provides a better or complementary treatment to liposuction for the treatment of persistent skin irregularity.

Medically, carbon dioxide therapy provides treatment for diabetic ulcers, psoriasis.

The cost for the therapy varies based on the number of areas treated and can be from $40 - $150 per session.
A strategy is usually 6-sessions spaced weekly, if used on its own;

Now, here is the clinical pearl I promised.  My best results are by alternating mesotherapy treatments; I have seen tremendous success as a follow up treatment after cavitation or ultrasound-lipotherapy, see my previous blog post on this.

Maintenance sessions are recommended after six months, and as usual we take the opportunity to coach our clients on healthy lifestyle and nutrition to help prolong the duration between follow-up treatment.

Side effects of carbon dioxide therapy minimal: Possible bruising on the injection site (red and puffy), cracking sensation of the skin, and moderate or low pain. This helped by cooling the skin or by applying an anesthetic cream. The degree of pain in each injection site is equivalent to level of pain experienced during electrolysis.

Just like the precautions for any injection technique, following treatment , it is not recommend the injection site be emerged in water for four hours. This also means to avoid baths, saunas, and swimming. Also, patients should avoid strenuous physical activity for two hours.

No long term side effects have been noted during the past seventy years carboxy therapy treated aging skin.

If you want to know more about any of these special techniques and how you can make them a reality in your practice, please contact the Institute for training; visit our website at or call us in Toronto, Ontario at 416-656-8100.

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