Friday, May 30, 2014

Insidious Toxins Are Invisible Killers

One thing to keep in mind as you study homotoxins and how to cleanse your client’s bodies of them using mesotherapy before tissue degradation is irreversible is that many of these toxins are not obvious.  The insidious homotoxins, that are brought to us via our lifestyle, are harder to detect and yet we know that they are part of the development of many serious diseases.  Homotoxins that fall into this category include oxidants (that age your cells with free radicals), radiating agents, ultraviolet radiation, latent radioactivity and radiotherapy.

Insidious Homotoxins are Part of Our Lifestyle

One of the reasons it is important for your client to constantly be cleansing and healing their bodies is the fact that North Americans lead a lifestyle that makes it next-to-impossible to avoid them. For instance, oxidants that break down our cells are often found in the foods and drinks that we consume every day. Smoking is also a source of oxidants.  Oxidants literally age the tissue in the same way that water rots metals. The degeneration of the cells is slow, but slowly and surely they become useless.

Radiation is also a part of our lifestyle and it is nearly impossible for the every day person to monitor its levels.  Every day we are exposed to natural radiation from the earth’s magnetic field, solar radioactivity, radioactivity from space and all kinds of invisible rays that can harm our tissues such as gamma, cosmic, x, infrared and ultraviolet rays.

We also poison our systems when we use telephones, radios, radars, cordless instruments, Bluetooth and instruments. Giant electricity pylons and electrical stations also emit massive amounts of non-visible radiation.

Geopathic Toxic Stress

Geopathic toxic stress occurs when your client lives above underground water courses, above an earthquake fault, deposits of minerals (like uranium) or a covered over waste dump. These geopathic toxins can cause problems such as insomnia, nervousness, fatigue, cramps, depression, nightmares, racing heart, frequent colds and headaches.

This is one of the most insidious of health crises because the problem is situational and the toxification is persistent and subtle.

A good example of this type of stress is sick building syndrome in which a set of symptoms are produced that are somehow related to off-gassing chemicals from when the building is constructed. Sometimes the toxins are emitted through dirty or inefficient air exchange systems or through chemically tainted water. A very common issue is lead poisoning caused by water run through lead pipes.  Sometimes the problem is due to chemical absorption through respiration and the skin of chemicals in office products, like glue or White-Out and prolonged exposure to fumes from duplicating machines. Sick building syndrome is a very real affliction and recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

One of the markers of a good naturopath is the ability to really listen to your client’s complaints and then be able to identify the subtle agents ) that are part of their environment and lifestyle) that might be causing their illness. Being aware of insidious toxins and their effects can go a long way towards helping you diagnose your client and assist them with mesotherapy treatments.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How Mesotherapy Treats Chemical Overload

Mesotherapy is designed to help treat “chemical homotoxic overload.”  Chemical toxic overload is quite toxic in modern times. We live in a highly industrialized environment filled with synthetic molecules that cause disease in our body.  Much of what we are exposed to on a daily basis is beyond our control Each of us is vulnerable to such pollutants as heavy metals in the earth, water and air, estrogens in fish, estrogens in plastic, radioactivity and cosmic radiation as the result of damage to the ozone layer.

Chemical Overload is About Accumulation

Even very small amounts chemicals can cause us problems because the body does not easily eliminate many types, such as metals or estrogens. Instead of being dismissed as an element outside the human system, the body simply integrates the poison into tissues.  Two favourite places for these chemical poisons to accumulate and hide in are in fatty deposits in the liver and in fat deposits elsewhere in the body.

The problem is that most people think that their body can handle small amounts of toxic chemicals but the truth is that tour body suffers from the cumulative effects of consistently managing all of these toxin. Toxins often get incorporated right into the matrix of cells.  Furthermore these chemical poisons have longevity. For instance, the notoriously poisonous DDT is very difficult to remove from the liver and people who do not think they were ever exposed to it can have it in their liver tissues despite the fact that DDT has been banned for more than twenty years now.

How Chemicals Kill

Toxic chemicals in our systems can take a long time to kill. Before an actual death, the chemical can cause a genetic dysfunction or cause you to give birth to a child with a genetic mutation. Exposure to chemical toxins can also cause physical mutations that develop over a lifespan.  Slow acting chemicals found in food, water and air can cause what is called sublethal effects that cause cancer, inflammation and problems with the immune system.

There are many chemicals that destroy your cells and break down tissue structures but the principle chemical offenders in our environment are ammonia, nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide.  Other offenders include asbestos (found in building materials), lead, carbon monoxide (from car pollution), formaldehyde resins (from insulating foams, plywood and carpets, benzene (an additive in food), chlorbenzene (found in pesticides) and dioxins (found in many made potions including pesticides and hairspray.)

Many of us are overexposed to metals such as barium, cadmium, copper, lead, manganese, nickel, zinc, vanadium and tin. Many of these poisons are found in drinking water and can cause renal impairment, neurotoxicity, liver damage and respiratory ailments.

Chemical toxic overload can be a very slow killer but slowly manifest in symptoms like discolouration of the skin, chronic inflammation of the airways and renal damage. Prolonged exposures to metals can also produce dermatitis, neurological symptoms and poisoned embryos in the womb.

When you learn mesotherapy you are in effect adopting a technique to your practice that can help many people detoxify themselves of chemicals and prevent them from getting very sick.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Homotoxicology: A Bridge Between Homeopathy and Allopathy

If you are a healer or naturopath, you probably already know a great deal about homotoxicology or at least be familiar with the premise of homeopathy that it is based on. At the Pinewood Institute for the Advancement of Natural Medicine, we offer a complete practical introduction to this cutting edge approach to healing in our Module 1 Mesotherapy, Homotoxicology and Mesoreflexotherapy in our Mesotherapy course.

A Brief Primer in Homotoxicology

In a way, you could think of homotoxicology as being a spin off of mesotherapy treatment that is combined with the principles of homeopathy.  Mesotherapy is also completed covered in Module 1 of our Mesotherapy course. For those of you not that familiar with mesotherapy, it can be defined as a therapeutic procedure that stimulates organs when small doses of homeopathic agents or allopathic medicines are injected through the skin. It also complements regular clinical treatments for arthritis, cellulite and other issues.

Here at the Pinewood Institute we like to think of homotoxicology as being a kind of bridge that links conventional and homeopathic medicine. Just as in regular homeopathy, minute amounts of homeopathic remedies or complexes are use to stimulate the body’s detoxification process. The toxins that can be disposed of can be from any source including environmental, disease, medical or the result of lifestyle.

This is not a brand new treatment. It was developed by a German doctor, Dr. Hans Henrichk Rackeweg in 1952 with an eye to using more complex remedies to balance the system of ill people.  His discoveries were very much inspired by discoveries that were being made about human biochemistry at that time. 

Eliminating the “Human Poisons”

The actual meaning of the word “homotoxin” means “human poison.”  Dr. Rackeweg initially defined these poisons as substances that are harmful to the human body. The substance in your needle, when you treat your patient, is called a potent homotoxone tailored specifically to treat individual complaints.

Homotoxones can help the body expel all kinds of toxins including bacteria, metals like mercury, yeast, chemical pollutants, pesticides and medication residues.  Sometimes the cellular debris that needs to be eliminated is caused by the cure for the ailment or the body has chronically overreacted to the problem for years. The theory behind homotoxicology is that when the body can no longer expel its own toxins it becomes overwhelmed. This is when it can benefit from a booster shot of homotoxones.

In order for this treatment to be really effective a familiarity of acupuncture points and trigger points is helpful. In this course, we help teach you to make the crucial decision of what to inject and where to inject it so your client can experience results.

In order to develop “the feel” and expertise that is needed to practice this type of medicine our Mesotherapy, Homotoxicology and Mesorefleoxtherapy courses begins with a thorough introduction to the definition, history an development of mesotherapy concepts and theories. You are also taught mesotherapy techniques and most importantly how to gage the depth of injections when you are treating a patient.

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