Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Four Crucial Beliefs to Teach Clients About Metabolism

Many people who are overweight will come to you blaming their metabolism for your weight gain. It is your responsibility as a health care provider to get them out of this helpless place where they feel they do not have any power over what is happening with their bodies because of a “broken metabolism.” Instead try and empower your client by instilling them with four healthier beliefs about how their body works.

Food is Construction Material for the Body

Many overweight clients may not be able to comprehend that they are, in reality, made of what they eat.  This is because it is very easy for the mind that is addicted to sugar, junk food and other unhealthy foods to dismiss this fact.  Somehow, the foods that they snack on, do not count or have nothing to do with the end result of the appearance and heft of their body.

Encourage your client to think of good food as being superior construction material for the body.  The “temple for your soul” is only as strong as the materials that you build it with which means that if you want to be lean, strong and at optimum weight you must choose foods that are healthy, organic and rich in nutrients. This is the sure way to build your health.

Food is Fuel for the Body

Another fact that you need to impress on your client is that food is essential to fuelling your body so that it runs properly. You can use the metaphor of running a car to explain this properly to your patient. If you feed low-grade fuel such as junk food, refined carbohydrates and sugar it will run less efficiently than if you feed it low-carb, protein rich, naturally sweet foods.  Just as is true with running a vehicle, feeding your body low-premium fuel will give your physicality less mileage throughout the day. 

Food Sustains Your Energy

Many overweight or obese patients tend to be binge-eaters. They may stay on a restricted diet all day, but the moment they are triggered by a picture of food on television or have an emotional crisis they begin to consume thousands of calories at once.  Even if your client is eating healthy foods this can be a dangerous thing for your health.

It is important for you to teach your client to pace him or herself and eat several small meals a day rather than binge on two or three big meals a day.  This way blood sugar levels stay level, energy stays steady and your client is less likely to suffer from food cravings.

Food is a Powerful Drug

Finally, it is a really good idea to teach your client that food can have as powerful effect on the body as medicine.  Many of your patients already realize this on a subliminal level, as would be the case of the person who consumes a lot of starch and sugar to feel energetic and high. Take time to explain to your client that food does have effects on a person feels both physically and mentally and that the right eating habits can help heal obesity.

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