Monday, May 26, 2014

Homotoxicology: A Bridge Between Homeopathy and Allopathy

If you are a healer or naturopath, you probably already know a great deal about homotoxicology or at least be familiar with the premise of homeopathy that it is based on. At the Pinewood Institute for the Advancement of Natural Medicine, we offer a complete practical introduction to this cutting edge approach to healing in our Module 1 Mesotherapy, Homotoxicology and Mesoreflexotherapy in our Mesotherapy course.

A Brief Primer in Homotoxicology

In a way, you could think of homotoxicology as being a spin off of mesotherapy treatment that is combined with the principles of homeopathy.  Mesotherapy is also completed covered in Module 1 of our Mesotherapy course. For those of you not that familiar with mesotherapy, it can be defined as a therapeutic procedure that stimulates organs when small doses of homeopathic agents or allopathic medicines are injected through the skin. It also complements regular clinical treatments for arthritis, cellulite and other issues.

Here at the Pinewood Institute we like to think of homotoxicology as being a kind of bridge that links conventional and homeopathic medicine. Just as in regular homeopathy, minute amounts of homeopathic remedies or complexes are use to stimulate the body’s detoxification process. The toxins that can be disposed of can be from any source including environmental, disease, medical or the result of lifestyle.

This is not a brand new treatment. It was developed by a German doctor, Dr. Hans Henrichk Rackeweg in 1952 with an eye to using more complex remedies to balance the system of ill people.  His discoveries were very much inspired by discoveries that were being made about human biochemistry at that time. 

Eliminating the “Human Poisons”

The actual meaning of the word “homotoxin” means “human poison.”  Dr. Rackeweg initially defined these poisons as substances that are harmful to the human body. The substance in your needle, when you treat your patient, is called a potent homotoxone tailored specifically to treat individual complaints.

Homotoxones can help the body expel all kinds of toxins including bacteria, metals like mercury, yeast, chemical pollutants, pesticides and medication residues.  Sometimes the cellular debris that needs to be eliminated is caused by the cure for the ailment or the body has chronically overreacted to the problem for years. The theory behind homotoxicology is that when the body can no longer expel its own toxins it becomes overwhelmed. This is when it can benefit from a booster shot of homotoxones.

In order for this treatment to be really effective a familiarity of acupuncture points and trigger points is helpful. In this course, we help teach you to make the crucial decision of what to inject and where to inject it so your client can experience results.

In order to develop “the feel” and expertise that is needed to practice this type of medicine our Mesotherapy, Homotoxicology and Mesorefleoxtherapy courses begins with a thorough introduction to the definition, history an development of mesotherapy concepts and theories. You are also taught mesotherapy techniques and most importantly how to gage the depth of injections when you are treating a patient.

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