Thursday, May 22, 2014

Learn How to LIft Lax Facial Skin Using Cosmetic Mesotherapy

One of the courses taught at the Pinewood Institute is called Module 2 Mesotherapy in Cosmetic Medicine.  Cellulite, acne, pain, and wrinkles are all caused by problems with internal organs.  However, as a naturopath, you may find yourself in the fortunate position of being able to correct some of these issues on the aesthetic level, once you learn how to practically apply the principles of mesotherapy in cosmetic medicine. Not only will your client feel better because of other therapies you may using to heal them, but they will also appreciate the improvement in their looks.

Your Clients Will Appreciate A Healthier Appearance

Most naturopathic practitioners and acupuncturists are aware that relief from issues may not be experienced overnight if you are treating them for health issues caused by afflicted organs. Often the process of the healing organs through naturopathic modalities takes at least a couple of weeks. When you are able to immediately make your clients look better, they will feel better as well.

Mesotherapy is impressive because it has so many beautifying effects on the skin. Cosmetic applications include reducing the appearance of wrinkles, getting rid of cellulite and overall rejuvenation of the skin.

After a Mesotherapy treatment a client’s loose skin will appear tightened, plumper and firmer. If you artfully apply the injections to your client’s face you can also diminish the appearance of fine lines, which gives many woman a friendlier appearance.  When applied with intelligence and expertise, cosmetic mesotherapy can also help lift sagging eyelids and firm up sagging skin beneath the chin.

This is possible because you can use the needle to inject hyaluronic acid in several layers so that several layers of the dermis are improved.  The injections can also help plump up the layers of subcutaneous fat beneath the skin.

Cosmetic Mesotherapy Provides a Psychological Lift Too

Mesotherapy can provide excellent results because it strengthens the elastin fibres, stimulates collagen production, fight free radicals and stimulates cellular activity.  Skin that used to sag tightens up and the increased circulation to the face makes formerly sallow skin glow in a youthful way.

This two-sided approach to healing aids the patient both physically and psychological. A renewed appearance prevents the client from becoming depressed while waiting for weight loss or detoxification result to manifest in their bodies.

After a short time your client can be very impressed with results of both inner and outer therapies practiced at the same time. It is quite simply astounding how much the hands of time can be reversed without the use of invasive surgery.  There is less risk to anyone’s health and it is much safer for older patients who easily tolerate the shots. Once your patients learn that you have these skills, you will become a very in-demand practitioner.

At  you can see the course outline for Mesotherapy in Cosmetic medicine. You will see that it includes skin-aging physiopathology, medication and other suggested protocols such as Mesoflexotherapy.  In the course we use patient volunteers from our own roster that can give you feedback during the training.

For more information about The Pinewood Institute for the Advancement of Natural Medicine courses including course outlines, detailed descriptions of courses and  information about upcoming training sessions, please go  You can also send us an email using our email form at or call us at 416-656-8100. If you prefer fax the number is 416-656-8107.

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