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Biotherapeutics Detox Therapy

Detox therapy using biotherapeutics is a therapy that is about fifteen years old. In Europe, you will hear these types of therapies referred to as “drainage remedies.” These are the remedies that help improve the ability of a particular organ or organ systems excrete toxins.  These remedies can be stimulating in nature so that toxins can exit the body via the usual emuncatory routes or they can be calming so that the organ can be taken out of a state of inflammation and restored to health.

Primary and Secondary Detox Routes

A Runny Nose is a Detox Symptom
The routes in human physicality that enable detoxification fall into two main categories. First of all, there are the primary exits for toxic routes in the body. These include abdominal organs such as the liver, intestines, kidney, pancreas and stomach.  The secondary routes of elimination include the mucus membranes, the nose, ears, skin, and genitals. The secondary routes can be thought of as being the back up routes for elimination when the primary routes are not able to do their jobs properly.  This is why symptoms such as a runny nose, eruptions of acne and loose bowel movements can be symptoms of detoxification.

When any of these exit routes are overloaded or overworked, they cannot leave body because the body is not able to break them down. The body will then try to store these toxins in fat cells, joints, the bloodstream or in the cells of organs.  This is where you start to see your patient breaking out in acne, developing tumours, ulcers, chronic infections, chronic fatigue, joint pain and other problems. The goal of mesotherapy can be to coax these organs into detoxification in a gentle manner so that your patient can once again enjoy optimal health.

Combination Therapies

The main thrust of the treatments is with liquid homeopathic medicines that have been made from plants and minerals. The plant remedies, that consist of large molecules, target specific condition in the body’s organs and the minerals in these solutions are synergistic and assist with the detoxification process.  Sometimes the solutions administered, which can consist of three or more components, have a sedating, anti-inflammatory effect on the organs.

Originally, homeopathic remedies were administered singly to a patient. It is now more of a contemporary practice to administer them in combination in an injectable. The term homeopathy comes from the Greek words homeo, meaning similar, and pathos, meaning suffering.  Homeopathy involves giving a patient very small doses of remedies that would produce similar symptoms of illness in healthy individuals if they were given the same dose.

The accumulation of toxins is a definite factor in the awakening of a genetic weakness, chronic disease and in the triggering of acute illnesses. Therapeutic training with can definitely help clear the organs and body meridians of the energy blockages that make these conditions worse.

Prompting organs to detoxify themselves is one of the major goals of administering mesotherapy.  The theory behind using injectibles to treat various conditions is taught in the Mesotherapy course at the Pinewood Health Institute.

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