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Dr. Reckeweg’s Therapeutic Model of Illness

When you take a course in mesotherapy at the Pinewood Health Institute you will find that the practicum and healing strategies are based largely on the theory of disease called homotoxicology. This theory was developed by Dr. Hans-Hienrich Rekeweg (1990-1985) described all illness as being a defense mechanism against invading toxins.

Mesotherapy and Lymph-based Illness

Dr. Reckeweg
A simple way to understand how Dr. Reckeweg saw illness is to say that he saw it as lymph-based. The health of the mucus that lies in layers between cells, blood, vessels and nerves is crucial to healthy. He called this layer of mucus the intercellular matrix.  If the structure of this matrix becomes impaired in any way then disease results.

According to this therapeutic model of illness, patients get sick when the body is overwhelmed by homotoxins that accumulate first in the mucous matrix layer and then inside the cells.  When we feel ill, it is the result of the body desperately trying to restore itself to health.

This is where mesotherapy comes in as it can help treat the toxification of the inter cellular layer of mucous before chronic disease can set in and become an irreversible problem.

Dr. Reckeweg’s Model Of Disease Progression

Dr. Reckeweg’s model of disease progression consists of six major stages.

Stage 1 – Excretion
This represents the body’s attempt to excrete or expel a toxin. Reactions include diarrheal, sweating, coughing, sneezing, tears and mucous discharge from the nose or vagina.

Stage 2 – Inflammation
If the body’s attempt to excrete the toxin does not work then the body becomes inflamed. Inflammation presents itself as fever, redness, swelling and sometimes, a rise n body temperature.

Stage 3 – Deposition
The deposition phase of illness progression occurs when both excretion and inflammation are unsuccessful.  As the body as nowhere to dispose of the toxins it begins to deposit them in the mucous layers of the intracellular matrix.  This process is very slow and it is reversible with the right treatment.

Stage 4 – Impregnation
At this stage of disease the toxins in the matrix begin to connect with other structures in the matrix such as collagen fibres where they impair the movement of fluids through the area.  This results in many different symptoms such as swelling, chronic pain and a lack of mobility.

Stage 5 – Degeneration
In this stage the defense system becomes overwhelmed. Uanble to eliminate toxins from the cells and matrix, the body’s genetic material becomes damages.  Cells in the damaged tissue being to shrink and chronic irreversible diseases take hold.

Stage 6 – Dedifferentiaton
During this phase cells can lose their differentiation from the toxic invaders and become cancerous. They then multiply at an increased rate and produce more homotoxins, which eventually leads to fatality.

Examining this theory in depth is part of the instruction in the Mesotherapy course at the Pinewood Health Institute. You will learn more about how to detect and heal your patients in the early stages of disease as defined by Dr. Reckeweg.

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