Friday, June 13, 2014

Melting Fat Away With Mesotherapy

Perhaps the best way to describe the procedure of mesotherapy to the client who is looking for ways to have fat deposits from the arms, thighs and upper arms is to tell them that it is a way of naturally melting fat away.  Mesotherapy can be used to gently get rid of “love handles”, “muffin tops” and other issues through the administering of pharmaceutical agents, natural plant extracts, vitamins and homeopathic agents into the skin.

Explaining How Mesotherapy Works

It is a good idea to further explain how mesotherapy works by describing how it melts fat. The injections help to improve lymphatic drainage, blood flow in the circulatory system and prevent the skin’s elastin from dimpling and becoming cellulite.

It is also important to explain that although meseotherapy treatments are very successful, all people are different.   Some individuals will see results after just one treatment session while others may take four or five treatments before any results are visible.  However many patients immediately feel their clothing becoming much looser and even if the weight loss does not appear on the scale, they are often told by friends and family that they look a little thinner.

One treatment usually takes less than thirty minutes.  No dressings are bandages are needed either as it is a non-invasive therapy that is very safe.  Not only is mesotherapy safer than a procedure like liposuction but it also removes fat from the cells without destroying them.

Furthermore, treatment with mesotherapy leaves the skin smoother than a liposuction procedure.  Also, if weight is gained back after liposuction, fat cells can return to strange places such as calves, ankles or neck. If weight is gained back after mesotherapy it returns back to where it originally was. This means that if the fat is returned, you do not risk the body distortions that sometimes can happen with liposuction. Make sure that you make this consequence clear to the client that is trying to decide whether to purchase mesotherapy treatments or have a more invasive procedure like mesotherapy done.

What Your Patient Can Expect After Treatment

After being treated with mesotherapy for fat deposits, your patient can expect a little bit of bruising. The treatments use the smallest needles that are appropriate to avoid this and in the Pinewood Health Institute Mesotherapy Course you are taught what needles to use and how to strategically make injections to minimize bruising and effect maximum results.  There is usually no pain or recovery time needed.   The person that has been treated can usually go right back to work afterwards.

The benefits of mesotherapy last as along as the patient maintains healthy living habits. This means practicing both anaerobic and aerobic exercise and eating a healthy diet. If the problem is cellulite, recurring treatments every six months may be required.  If the client can’t maintain a healthy and active living plan after this type of procedure the issue will return and it will eventually have to be treated again.

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