Monday, June 9, 2014

Mesotherapy and Cellulite

Cellulite disorders are the result of changes in the endocrine system that in turn decrease the effectiveness of the microcirculatory system.  When the microcirculatory system is affected the body is no longer able to eliminate toxins and the result is an aesthetic injury to the skin.  These lumps, that are also storehouses for toxins, cause many problems including a lowered sense of self-esteem in your patient.

Fixing Changes in the Cellular Matrix

Cellulite, ultimately, is a structural issue that can be very complex because it is usually the result of a number of metabolic and biochemical changes caused by a failing in the patient’s health. The disease usually begins in the extra cellular matrix and affects the connective structures. This is why cellulite often looks like globules caught in an irregular shaped fibrous net beneath the skin.  The net holding the globules of fat together is called the interstitial matrix.  The interstitial matrix can be compared to a full body stocking that needs to be intact or else it will stretch out of shape and hold unwanted areas of fat.

As the affected tissues do not get enough oxygen, they enter a state of acidosis. This gradually results in an increase in free radicals that leads to the shrinking and disappearance of the smaller circulatory vessels that are needed to nourish the area.  When the capillaries are damaged in this way, there is also a loss of collagen fibers and the area becomes a holding area for waste and fat that is never cleaned out of the body.

How Mesotherapy Helps Cellulite

Mesotherapy, which consists of several intradermal or superficial subcutaneous injections, can help deliver medications that improve the situation to the sites on the body with cellulite. 

There are several factors that affect the administration of injectibles for the treatment of cellulite and in the Pinewood Mesotherapy course, you will be taught –

  • ·      How to choose the medication
  • ·      Choose the administration site
  • ·      Determine drug composition
  • ·      Decide the depth of the administration site

Other modalities of healing might also be combined with this therapy to help reduce the cellulite including medications, light therapy and detox therapy.

There are a number of agents in the injections for cellulite that help deal with the breakdown of both the connective tissue and the fat deposits.  Many of the agents used in cellulite injections have constituents that are rich in saponins – a type of fat that can help remove fat.  They also contain agents that reduce platelet aggregation and improve the tone of your veins.

Mesotherapy can be administered manually using needles or mesotherapy guns.  The guns are know to deliver the medication quickly, precisely and comfortably.

Mesotherapy for cellulite, also called localized adipositieis, is also sometimes mistakenly called liposculpture. During your Pinewood course lessons you will learn how there is a big difference between liposcultpture and mesotherapy. Mainly liposculpture is a procedure that surgically reduces the number of fat cells within a cellulite deposit whereas mesotherapy uses drugs that to do break down the fat cells instead.  It is important that when you do start your mesotherapy treatments that your clients are aware of the difference.

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