Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mesotherapy and Pain Management

Mesotherapy is very effective for pain management and a wonderful and very practical service to offer your clients.  In the Pinewood Institute Mesotherapy course we teach you the serial puncture technique known as nappage for delivering microdoses of substances into the dermis.

Mesotherapy can treat many different types of pain including injury, tendinitis, low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, neuropathy, muscle tension and fibromyalgia.

The Theory of Nappage

When medicine is delivered in the point-by-point nappage manner, the injected medicines are released in a time-released fashion. This is done with tiny needles that are inserted strategically into the circulatory and lymphatic networks so that the medication can be distributed through to the underlying tissues.  Although pain injections are nothing new, these shallower point-to-point injections are more long lasting in their effects than intravenous or intramuscular pain injections.

Mesotherapy Needles
The point chosen for injection sites are based on traditional acupuncture or Ashi points to help target the medicine to particular areas of the body.  Ideally the patient should be treated once or twice a week of three to four sessions.

This type of technique also uses many different lengths of needles in one session so that different layers of the dermis are affected.  Multiple limited injections in the same area also have the effect of increasing blood supply to the area and helps the inflamed area to nourish itself by releasing the body’s own reactive pain killers such as cytokines, peptides and endocrine mediators.  The depth of the injections can be anywhere from .1 mm to 4 mm.  Sites where there will be deeper injections often need to be numbed with a local aesthetic first unless the patient is familiar with acupuncture.

One thing to note about these types of treatments is that the pain may become slightly worse before it becomes better as the body attempts to find balance but any exacerbation of their symptoms is usually temporary.  Most patients find that the short-term pain is well worth the long-term relief they get from the injections.

The Benefits of Mesotherapy for Pain

Mesotherapy has many benefits that make it well worth its cost to the patient.

Aside from just treating the symptoms of pain, mesotherapy has often been shown to improve the function of the affected body area.  Mesotherapy can also resolve the inflammatory response that is keeping pain from repeating itself as well as the ensuing degenerative processes.

If the pain comes from a condition where it seems idiopathic, as can be the case of someone with fibromyalgia or diabetic neuropathy, injections of mesotherapy can at least make the person feel more comfortable.

Mesotherapy solutions for pain, unlike other forms of pain treatment can also be tailored to feel to fit the needs of individual patients.

Mesotherapy is not addictive. Unlike many other types of pharmaceutical treatments mesotherapy does not cause dependence.  It only requires a visit to the naturopath once a week.

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