Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Removing Stretch Marks Using Mesotherapy

One very useful and popular application of mesotherapy is the removal of stretch marks. In mesotherapy, the therapeutic homeopathic products are injected just under the skin using tiny needles. These injections are generally painless and applied strategically and directly beneath the area that is scarred.  This enables new, healthier looking skin with stronger skin to grow and mask the stretch mark.

Who is a Candidate for Mesotherapy for Stretch Marks?

Faded stretchmarks on buttocks.
Mesotherapy can be used anywhere on the body to treat stretch marks including the tummy, thighs and buttocks.  These are the areas that are most affected by rapid weight loss whether it be due to rapid weight loss, pregnancy or body wasting as the result of an auto-immune disease.  After these treatments, which are taught in the Pinewood Institute Mesotherapy course, you should advise your client to drink plenty of water so that the body can release toxins.

The easiest stretch marks to treat with mesotherapy are those that are pink or red in color. This means they are relatively recent.  Whiter stretch marks are harder to remove. If the stretch marks are newer you can probably get rid of them with seven or eight sessions. White or silvery coloured stretch marks may need many more treatments before they are fixed.

Concealing Stretch Marks During Treatment

As getting rid of stretchmarks can take some weeks, it is quite normal for patients to get impatient with the process.  However, using mesotherapy is still a much faster process for treating them than waiting for them to go away on their own.

If it is summer or if your client is in the fashion business, it is alright to encourage your client to use concealing make-up to cover up the stretch marks in the meantime. If the client wears a bikini, then you should advise them to use a waterproof concealer that is meant to be applied to the body using a sanitized make up brush used specifically for this purpose. 

It is also advisable that your client drink lots of water while receiving treatment for stretch marks.  This means, for most people, drinking a minimum of eight glasses of day of pure water.  This helps your body repair the damaged elastin fibers and also hydrates the skin so the ridges from the stretch mark are not felt.  

Stretch marks can also be treated with a clear gel like aloe vera, which also helps any irritation that may be produced as a result of the treatments. Applying a natural healing gel every day can help speed up the healing time.

How fast or slow the healing is for your client really does depend on the elasticity of your patient’s skin in the first place.   The older you are or the more you indulged in unhealthy lifestyle habits in the past, the more likely that person is to experience a slower healing time.  After the treatment is also a good idea for your client to consume foods rich in zinc and avoid fatty and oil foods.

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