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The Mesotherapy Procedure in More Detail

The mesotherapy procedure is generally marketed to your patients as the non-surgical alternative to liposuction. It can be deployed on many different areas of the body that intend to garner excess fat with age including the upper and lower arms, the lower chin, the belly, the legs and neck. It is also used to remedy “orange peel skin”, otherwise known as cellulite. It can be used anywhere on the body to eliminate a stubborn deposit of fat,

The Mesotherapy Procedure

Mesotherapy injection formulas consist of vitamins, enzymes and a soy derived substance called phosphatidylcholine. The needle used to administer the shots is very tiny and thin and resembles an acupuncture needle.  Most people barely feel this injection at all. Some people report a slight stinging sensations, as if bitten by a mosquito.

Once the mesotherapy solution is injected into the intended fat deposit the molecular bonds of the fat dissolve, changing it from a solid state to a liquid. The liver and the intestines then process this fat and eliminate it from the body.

For best results, a series of treatments is recommended. The sessions should usually be spaced between six and eight weeks apart.

Preparing for the Procedure

You will decide how to treat your patient during the initial consultation. This is when you will give your patient an estimate of how many treatments will be needed and also the cost of them to your patient.

Not everybody is a great candidate for mesotherapy. Obese clients may need to lose weight before being able to qualify for these shots. Diabetics or individuals with a thyroid problem should have blood work done as these conditions might render the mesotherapy ineffective.

As this is a non-surgical treatment there is very little that your patient needs to do to prepare for it. Advise him or her to drink plenty of water on the day of the treatment as this minimizes the likelihood of bruising. 

The Risks of Mesotherapy

There are some risks to having mesotherapy done but they are less life-threatening than the complications that can arise from plastic surgery or liposuction.  The most serious risks are the possibility of being allergic to the solution itself as well as lumps, swelling and tenderness at the site of the injections.  However, these side effects are quite typical of treatment with any kind of treatment.

It is your responsibility as the naturopath to ensure that your patient as disclosed all pertinent medical information to your doctor before having the mesotherapy done. The procedure is not really recommended for sufferers of HIV, Hepatitis C, hemophilia, active cancer, liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes and thyroid issues. It is also not a treatment that is recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

At the Pinewood Institute, we teach a comprehensive mesotherapy course that verses practitioners in how to use this healing modality as safely as possible.  When administered by a qualified and certified professional, the safety and effectiveness of mesotherapy treatments is practically unparalled by other fat reduction treatments.

For more information about The Pinewood Institute for the Advancement of Natural Medicine courses including course outlines, detailed descriptions of courses and  information about upcoming training sessions, please go  You can also send us an email using our email form at or call us at 416-656-8100. If you prefer fax the number is 416-656-8107.

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