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Questions Your Cosmetic Patients Wlll Ask About PRP

If you are including the latest cutting-edge techniques in your practice, be prepared to answer many questions about Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy from your clients. Here is a guideline as to how to answer those frequently asked questions (FAQS) about the cosmetic applications of PRP.

What is PRP?

PRP is an acronym for platelet-rich plasma therapy, which involves withdrawing your own blood serum, spinning it in a special machine to enrich it with your own blood platelets, and then reinjection it, using tiny needles called microneedles,into damaged places in the body in order to rejuvenate and repair the skin. 

Is PRP a brand new treatment?

Blood Serum in a test tube

This type of treatment has been used for wound healing, plastic surgery and bone replacement procedures for many decades.  It is used clinically in mesotherapy treatment and cosmetically for skin rejuvenation.

What can be improved using injections of PRP?

Platelet rich blood therapy can treat many different cosmetic issues including –
  • Improvement in skin texture
  • Improvement in skin tone
  • Improvement in the overall color of the skin
  • Fixing large pores
  • Fixing broken capillaries
  • Healing scars from acne, burns or surgical scars
  • Removing skin discoloration that is the result of too much sun
  • Eliminating fine wrinkles
  • Thinning the skin
Will the results I get look natural?

This procedure naturally rejuvenates and refreshes your look without scarring or invasive surgery. It is a great treatment for treating dark circles, the thinning of the skin under eyes as well as wrinkled upper lips and other cosmetic aging issues.

What does microneedling mean and will it hurt?

Microneedling is a relatively painless procedure where the skin is slightly injured in order to trigger a big healing response.  The skin is numbed with a cream and then a pen-like device called a micropen or derma pen is used to create minute channels in the skin.  Your extracted platelet-rich serum is then injected into the skin to expedite the healing process.

How do you extract the serum from the body?

The blood from your body to be used for the serum is typically withdrawn after the area to be treated is numbed with a cream.  A tube of your blood is taken and then spun in a special machine that separates the red blood cells from the platelets. The platelets are then processed so that they are concentrated in the serum and the processed blood is ready to be injected back into your skin.

How long does it take for the skin to heal after the treatment?

The procedure usually takes an hour and you can expect to have some down time for three to four days depending on what area was treated.

Does the procedure have to be repeated?

It is highly recommended that you get three or four treatments over a period of several months for this to be the most effective.

Does this process work on darker skin?

Unlike some anti-aging treatments that use a laser, this process is completely safe to use on darker complexions.

Can this type of therapy be combined with other cosmetic procedures?

The answer for the most part is yes and in fact, plasma rich blood injections are often combined with other procedures such as Botox, laser treatments and plastic surgery with no side effects or complications.

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