Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dermal Fillers for the Face: Special Considerations

Dermal fillers can fix all kinds of cosmetic issues to do with the face.  They are a sought after treatment by the aging baby boomer population that is always looking for ways to look young.  Fillers can be from human, animal or synthetic sources and they can be temporary or permanent in nature.  The types of dermal fillers and their associated brands are discussed in greater detail during the Pinewood Institute for the Advancement of Natural Health Studies course in Dermal Fillers. 

In this course we discuss the efficacy of different types of dermal fillers including bovine collagen-based products such as Zyderm1, Zyderm2 and Zyplast, human tissue-derived collagen such as cosmoderm and cosmoplast and synthetic hyaluronic acid-based fillers including cross-linked fillers.

Here is a look at the most commonly asked for procedures for dermal fillers when it comes to the face.

Glabella area – This is the area between the eyebrows and above the nose that is prone to etching from wrinkles and that can have the effect of making a person look angry. Treatment usually consists of a linear threading and tiny puncture injection techniques.

Lips – Many women ask for the lips to be done, as it is fashionable to have a poutier fuller lip.  Usually the lower lip is naturally slightly more full than the bottom one but the fashion is to have them equal in size.  Overcorrection of the upper lip can lead to a “trout pout” or a duck like appearance. It is normal for lips to swell to a very large size immediately after an injection.

Nasolabial fold - This is the crease that runs from the nostrils to the edge of the mouth.  The skin here is usually pinched in order to facilitate an injection.  These folds are often naturally asymmetrical with one side being more deeply etched as a wrinkle than another. A threading or fern injection techniques is often used in this area to prevent lumpiness or an animation of the filler when the patient smiles or talks.

Periocular area – This term refers to the tissue surrounding the eyes. Injections tend to work best on younger, thicker skin but you will find that older individuals largely make requests for dermal injections around the eyes. This is the riskiest area on the face for injections as discoloration and edema in the area can be a consequence if you are not very skilled with your injections.

As a rule temporary fillers seem to have less complications and migration compared to semipermanant and permanent fillers.  Complications include hypersensitivity reactions, reactivation of herpes simplex, acne and skin necrosis. As the fillers age they can migrate, become granular, become lopsided, scar or become abscessed.

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