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Mesotherapy to Treat Thigh Cellulite

As a certified mesotherapist you will find that one of the most requested procedures from your patients will be for cellulite treatment for the thighs.  Like all mesotherapy treatments, treatments on the thighs are officially defined as surgical medicine even though mesotherapy is not invasive at all and involves injections of medication into the skin and fat in order to “blast away” the fat and smooth the fascia so the skin does not look lumpy or have that orange peel quality to it anymore.

Treating Thigh Cellulite

To treat thighs, cellulite injections are medicated form the buttocks to the knees on both the front, sides and backs of the thighs. Microscopic quantities of homeopathic medications, vitamins, minerals and amino acids and sometimes-pharmaceutical agents are injected under the skin to help improve it.  Pharmaceuticals that may be used to treat your patients include emphysema medications that have been known to break down fats. These include Isoproternal and Aminophylline that are usually used to treat cellulite because they break down fat.  The use of minute injections of pharmaceuticals along with other agents and a discussion of what works best for what condition is discussed thoroughly in the Pinewood Institute for the Advancement of Natural Medicine.

The needles used to treat cellulite on thighs are very short and thin with the idea that the needle should be long enough to reach the tissues of the middle layer of the skin (mesoderm).

Less experienced or beginning mesotherapists may want to consider mapping the points on the body before they begin, but as you become more competent with the injections, this will not ever be necessary.

The Body Rights Itself

Although it may seem like mesotherapy is a drastic intervention when it comes to smoothing out cellulite, it actually isn’t.  The patient’s body does most of the work once the needles therapy has been completed.  Most people’s bodies are quite cooperative when it comes disposing of and eliminating the fat from the body.

Some individuals suffer mild bruising after a treatment but this can often be treated with arnica cream.  For the most part, patients do not feel any pain at all; just a mild pinprick. However, if a patient really does feel pain while the subcutaneous injections for the treatment of cellulite are going on, then you can use a mild numbing agent at the site of the injections to make the patient more comfortable.  This might be necessary because a comfortable patient is one that can keep coming back

However despite your best efforts your patient might notice and complain about minor swelling, a burning feeling for fifteen to twenty minutes after the treatment, minor soreness that can last a week or more an minor skin discoloration that usually resolves quite quickly on its own.

These side effects and how to deal with them are discussed thoroughly in Module 1 of the Pinewood Mesotherapy course in which you will learn how this non-aggressive procedure can help eliminate your patient’s cellulite. 

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