Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Benefits of Adding Cosmetic Services to Your Practice

No matter what type of medical or naturopathic practice you are conducting, it is likely financially advantageous for you to add cosmetic services to your practice.  Cosmetic injection training is ideal for medical doctors, plastic surgeons and naturopathic doctors.  Even if you have a fairly busy practice, it is usually quite simple to add these simply achieved cosmetic enhancements to earn your office some additional income.

If you are running a practice that is restorative or regenerative in its promises to patients in the first place then you will barely have to market any cosmetic injections. You will be, as they say, preaching to the converted that are looking for ways to feel and look younger.

Suggesting Treatments to Patients

Part of making these additional treatments part of your practice is making the fact that you offer them known to your current client base. This can mean sending them a newsletter by email or by snail mail and putting up signage in your office such as table placards and posters that advertises your new service.  Be sure to also have post-card sized advertisements that your clients can take home with them with a full description of your services including the cost.

You should also encourage your staff to freely talk about your patients about the treatments while they are in the office. Train your staff to hand out a post card with a list of services on them every time they check in at the reception desk.

Making these friendly appeals for business is very encouraging for clients who would never step foot into a cosmetology place for treatment.  Psychologically, many older women prefer to think of their treatments as being necessary medically, rather than as an aesthetic treatment.  Also, procedures such as brow lifts, mid-face lifts and upper eyelid lifts can be covered by insurance if they are seen as medically necessary.  An example would be drooping flesh with pouches that drape down over the eyelid from the brow causing interference with vision.  Additional injections with dermal filler could be applied after a blepharoplasty to refine the person’s appearance.

There is also a comfort for your patient in going with “the physician they know” for such procedures.  Many people feel anxious at the prospect of having to seek out a cosmetic or plastic surgeon.

Mixing Functional and Cosmetic Medicine

Dermal fillers, mesotherapy and PRP (plasma rich protein techniques) are procedures that can often be integrated quite seamlessly with an existing practice.  For instance, the individual who is having a surgical facelift might also want to have their naso-labial folds and creases between the forehead done as well.  Naturopathic doctors with weight loss programs might dealing with clients with saggy skiing and other issues that could benefit from mesotherapy or dermal filler injections.

The fact that your market for your services is likely built into your existing database makes adding mesotherapy and dermal fillers to your practice a very good idea.

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