Sunday, September 14, 2014

Launch Your New Cosmetic Injectible Practice With A Plan!

Once you have your training in the practical side of administering mesotherapy or cosmetic injections there comes the very real issue of getting your cosmetic business off the ground. In both the virtual and “real life” courses that are taught at Pinewood, the concept of having a business plan is touched on.

Business Does Not Run On Optimism

You may have been reading your Napoleon Hill, books about marketing and books about the power of persuasion but all of that may not matter if you are not told how to add these procedures to your business. I am all for confidence and even a touch of arrogance when it comes to being a successful entrepreneur but the minute you think that you “know it all” is the minute that you probably know nothing.

Ultimately, no matter how much you think you know about business or how much experience you have, you cannot run it on optimism. A great attitude is necessary, especially for your staff morale, but you also have to have a business concept that is grounded in economic realities (not hearsay!) and that is not a concept that you have to battle against on a daily basis in order to make it work.

Unfortunately many very intelligent and accomplished individuals turn the operation of their daily business into a daily unprofitable struggle simply because they were too full of wishful thinking to understand what it entailed in the first place!

Do Your Homework

Failure is not a word that should be part of your vocabulary, but be prepared to learn a hard lesson if you are not willing to do a bit of analysis with regards to who is actually attracted to your business currently and who you would like to visit your office more often.  Many practitioners think that they were “too cool for school” to do any homework about their customers, their location and what their business really needs to succeed.  For instance, there is no need to market cosmetic injections to a patient base that is too young for it or to market or preach your anti-aging methods to your clients if there is a dermatologist clinic next door to you selling Botox.

The fact is that many successful corporate types or employees of successful businesses take the leap and go into business for themselves only to find themselves rapidly drowning in a sea of mixed messages from your patients.This is usually because there was no market research done, no real understanding of what adding the cosmetic procedures to the business might mean for your existing clients and for the people you would like to attract to your business as new clients.

Be Prepared to Wear Many Hats

A lot of times, people who have success at one role in one field assume that it can translate to success at anything they try their hand at and this is simply not true. If you are going to be a successful entrepreneur you are going to have to many hats and if you are not prepared to do that then you have to assemble a well-rounded competent team to help you out with what you need to get done.

As an entrepreneur, it is best to let those who are qualified support your strengths, fix your weaknesses, and humbly remain as the executive and orchestrator of the entire business.  A leader who micromanages or does not delegate tasks or tries to master a learning curve that is high above his head is likely due for business failure.

The message here: be confident but be humble to as many entrepreneurs have a lot to learn about their choice of project, themselves and others before they are successful at their new business.

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