Sunday, September 28, 2014

Selling Mesotherapy to Your Clients

Mesotherapy is given the name simply because it is defined as a treatment that stimulates the mesoderm, the cutaneous layer beneath the skin, to help your client acquire anti-aging benefits such as the tightening of skin, removal of wrinkles and rejuvenation of the complexion.  It also stimulates the production of collagen beneath your skin as well as stimulates your metabolism so that waste products are removed from troubled cells quickly.

However, these can be difficult concepts to explain to your client who is likely more familiar with procedures such as plastic surgery or Botox. After you are trained in injection therapy, it is partly your task as a healer to explain why, in some cases, mesotherapy might be a safer and even more effective alternative.

When your patient asks about mesotherapy versus cosmetic surgery…

This is common because most people only know of the procedures that have been around sixty years or so including face lifts, tummy tucks, breast implants and tummy tucks. It is up to you to present the mesotherapy option to your client and explain why non-invasive procedures like cosmetic injectibles and mesotherapy are a bit healthier for them and sometimes just as effective.  One thing to absolutely mention is how the recovery time for mesotherapy is often less then a day, but plastic surgery can lay you up for weeks in the hospital, especially if it does not go well.

When your patient asks about mesotherapy versus Botox …

You cannot blame your patient for identifying injectible cosmetic procedures with Botox as that is all they have advertised widely as an injectable anti-aging solution for the past thirty years. Take the time to sit your patient down and explain what hyaluronic acid and how it is a more wholesome treatment than Botox which is derived from the botulism toxin.

Melasma - a treatable
form of discoloration
When consulting with a client or patient about cosmetic treatments sure to mention the following procedures that are now associated with mesotherapy including –

Body contouring that uses mesotherapy to help sculpt the abdomen, legs, flabby arms, back, thighs or anywhere else where fat is a problem.

Facial discoloration, such as dark circles or changes in pigment due to sun damage can also be addressed using mesotherapy

Facial rejuvenation that can address fine lines, frown lines and sagging chin or neck.

Hair restoration as mesotherapy can stimulate circulation on the scalp and the nutrients are delivered straight to the scalp stimulate hair growth.

Compared to the other options, mesotherapy is safer, less painful and time consuming and poses less risk of the health in general.

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