Sunday, September 7, 2014

Use Social Media to Market Your Mesotherapy and Cosmetic Services

How to Use Social Media SEO
After they have completed their training, many of my students ask me how they get the word out about the new skills they offer. If your practice is not using social media SEO, yet then you are not recognizing a big shift in the way that your cosmetic services and mesotherapy services are being marketed nowadays.  Whether your practice is big or small it is only as good as the “buzz” that is created around it and this especially applies to cosmetic and weight loss treatments because the friends of your patients will want to know how you got them looking and feeling so great.

Furthermore, people tend to gravitate towards cosmetic practictioners that will treat them impersonally (not like they were just another invoice) and more like a valued customer.  This is why it is increasingly important for a cosmetic or naturopathic business to be aware of how to use social media SEO (search engine optimization) to develop a sense of professional familiarity  with their existing customers and potential customers.

Social Media is the New Word Of Mouth
In the old days of small business PR it used to be that information about your business was spread through “word of mouth.”  The term “word of mouse” has been around for more than a decade but is more than a cute cliché.  Today it is important for your business to photographed and talked about on the big social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Is It As Simple As It Sounds?
Using social media as SEO is as simple as creating a profile for yourself on Twitter and then tweeting announcements about your practice. That is the very least you could do promote your business. However, your tweets and profile will get lost in thousands of other tweeters unless you are “branded” with a signature pic, signature URLs and integration with Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and Google.
On Facebook  SEO is even more complex because you can only create a personal page. Your business pages are created from your personal page but you cannot overtly advertise your business on Facebook unless you create separate pages. Even then you can be kicked off Facebook if you are not discreet about promoting yourself. 
The truth is that even if you know how to set up all of the social bookmarking sites that are out there it can take quite a bit of effort to maintain your profiles and pages so that they stay interesting.  In fact, if you create a profile page on FB that is boring, you can actually hurt your related business pages. Fortunately cosmetic procedures such as mesotherapy and dermal fillers are always evolving and there is always exciting news to share with your audience. 

What Kind of Traffic Can You Expect?
After a few weeks of conscientiously making attempts to increase numbers of followers on Twitter or increase the number of Friends or Likes on Facebook many businesses have experienced exponential leaps iin patients phoning or emailing to inquire about an appotintmen.  The more effort that you put into this and the more social networking sites that you have profiles on such as Tumblr, Reddit, Flicker, Facebook, Twitter, Google, mySpace, Pinterest and so forth, the more patients you will attract and the more money you will make.  There is actually no better form of free advertising than viral advertising.

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