Saturday, October 11, 2014

Top Ten Ways to Market Your Business Offline

Nowadays we hear a lot about marketing businesses online. However the old fashioned ways of marketing a business still work today and in fact, can reach an entire new base of customers interested in cosmetic injections that are either 1) not on a computer that often or 2) not on a computer at all. This could be particularly true if your cosmetic practice is going to include a lot of older individuals who might already be part of your current clientele.
The simple truth is that before there was an Internet, there were many effective ways to advertise to people and bring new customers to an enterprise and they are tried and true methods that can help you get the word out about your new cosmetic injectable services as well.
Here are some very classic yet effective non-virtual ways to make sure that new clients will hear about your new services and will flock to your practice or office.
  1. Print postcards and mail them to prospects in your area in your targeted market. Make sure that you have your website URL on every piece of paper that you send out.
  2. Use buddy marketing to promote your new cosmetic injectable business by sending out leaflets or brochures that related to another sideline that you might be marketing such as weight loss product. This allows you to reach a whole new crowd of customers who may have been interested in a weight loss solution, such as HCG injections, but that are not aware of mesotherapy and other methods of healing.
  3. Make sure you vary your marketing techniques so your customers do not get bored or feel that you are hitting them too hard with the same message again and again – always have a bit of news or special information to give to your customers
  4. Answer your phone in a unique way that is friendlier than your competitions or that makes an offer to your customer just for phoning you. This will pique their curiosity and make them want to call you again and again.
  5. Promote within your mail.  Always insert brochures, ads or put stickers, stamps and notes in with any outgoing mail. Stickers on the outside of envelopes turn them into miniature billboards that travel through the post.
  6. Follow up with any client that you treat right away. Make sure that customer gets a discount coupon or brochure or flyer before they leave your practice. It is also a good idea to ask them for their email address or other information at this point so you can follow up on their first treatment electronically or through the postal service or by using door -to-door flyers.
  7. Newsletters. These are old fashioned but they work. Deliver them to your patients or put them through the mailbox to people in your area. If you have people’s information from a sale, then use it to send a newsletter to their address. The electronic equivalent can also be offered online in the form of an email.
  8. Host seminars and an “open house” or information session at your clinic or office.  These are both great ways to gain one on one time with key customers and prospects. Invite the media to cover your event so you can create a buzz about yourself and your new cosmetic injectable business.
  9. Bartering is a great way to get the word out about your services. Trade your product for advertising space or vice versa. Two companies on limited budgets can piggy back this way. You could, for instance, offer the services of a hair salon while they in turn, offer your cosmetic services.
  10. Put up flyers. It does not hurt to paper the town with flyers or put them under windshields, unless it is against the law in your city or county. Just be sure to be considerate where you decide to post them.
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