Friday, November 7, 2014

Before You Treat A Patient: Notes About Mesotherapy

Before you treat a patient or client with mesotherapy there are some things that you should be aware of.  First off, mesotherapy is not necessarily for everybody and there are a couple of conditions that you should watch out for before you go ahead with treatment. Secondly there are some pre-treatment instructions that you should be giving every client to help minimize their fear, pain or any bruising afterwards.

Who Should Not Undergo Mesotherapy?

Your patient or client should not undergo mesotherapy for fat removal or body sculpting if –
  • you are currently being treated for cancer or on any chemotherapy agents
  • nursing or pregnant
  • Have a BMI over 30% (this figure represents your body mas index/Fat to muscle ration
  • If your patient does not have a spleen
  • If your patient has a disorder that makes it difficult for the skin to heal or a blood-clotting disorder
  • Some individuals with addictions related to needle use may be triggered by this treatment if they are in recovery (this should be up to the judgement of the practictioner) 
For other applications such as pain management and hair regrowth some of these conditions may not be contra-indicated.

Pre-Treatment Instructions for Mesotherapy

As with any treatment a little bit of preparation makes for a better outcome. Although there is no recovery time for most people there are few things that you can tell your clients to do in order to improve their experience.  Some of these tips might be especially applicable to your patients who experience discomfort with needles or who are just more “jumpy” or sensitive to pain than others.
  • Before the appointment it can be a good idea to have a full breakfast as this can raise pain tolerance for some individuals
  • Advise your client or patient to get a good night's sleep the night before hand as that can reduce feelings of nervousness, fear and also assist with healing
  • Studies have shown that pain tolerance is a little higher in the morning so it is a good idea to schedule appointments as early in the morning as is possible or available
  • Drinking a lot of water before the treatment helps with pain tolerance, bruising and the over all effectiveness of the treatment as it assists the body with disposing of damaged skin cells
  • If your patient or client is prone to skin infections or problems it is a good Ida for them to shower before and use betadine soap
  • Advise your client not to apply lotions or creams to the areas before they are treated
It is also a good idea for the area to be treated to be completely free of all make-up before the treatment. If you notice that your client is wearing make-up because they are getting the treatment during their work day then ask them to remove it and to be very light in application after the treatment.

Wearing clean loose-fitting clothing is also a highly advisable so that clothing rubbing against the skin does not irritate any treated areas.

Your patient should not smoke or drink alcohol before or after the treatments as the dehydration and lowered immunity can sabotage healing and good results.

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