Monday, January 26, 2015

Coriander Helps Refresh, Clarify and Heal Skin

Coriander oil is a natural organic substance that is found in many of the Dr. RX Organic Skin Care Line products and we included it in many products because it is a very strong, yet natural healing agent that is especially adept at getting rid of the bacteria and fungus that can cause skin infections and breakouts.

Aside from healing problems with skin it is used for a lot of other things including curing mouth ulcers, reducing cholesterol, diarrhea, indigestion, eye problems and blood sugar disorders.  Coriander is not consumed as an oil, but cooked or raw in its leafy form and you may recognize its smell from Asian and Eastern dishes.  For the purposes of this skin care line, we are using the oil, which imparts a very delicate scent.

It is very high in Vitamin C and also Cineole which is a constituent that helps reduce swelling in the skin, improve circulation and ultimately improve its appearance. 

Aside from disinfecting your skin it also helps detoxify. It is very helpful for very dry skin and excema.

Coriander oil is one of the oils in Pinewood’s newly created line of very effective all-natural skin care products.  We are offering it wholesale opt students, professionals at the Pinewood Institute who would like to offer post-care, and maintenance products to their customers and clients.

Here is a look at the benefits of coriander oil for your patients. It contains –

  • Vitamin C that is good for cell renewal and repair
  • Vitamin, A which helps, exfoliates and is anti-aging
  • Cineole which helps reduce swelling and inflammation

It is also -
  • antifungal
  • antibacterial
  • non-toxic
You can find coriander oil in the following Dr. RX Organics products --

Refresh - Facial Cleanser for Aging & Acne Prone Skin  Refreshes Skin
Refresh is a nourishing concentrated cleanser that braces and nourishes the without drying or redness and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.  It is carefully chosen blend of healing herbs and oils that help heal and tone skin tissues. The ideal make-up remover, Refresh removes oil, dirt and make-up without causing skin irritation or breakouts.

For more information about the new Dr. RX Organic Skin Line and
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