Monday, January 5, 2015

Dr. RX Organic Skin Care Now Available to Professionals

Finally, after much deliberating, we have created an exclusive line of products that are now available to students of the Pinewood Institute wholesale.  In turn you can sell these ultra-pure, highly effective products to your patients in your practice.

A Specialty Skin Care Line Was In Demand

Dr. Rx Organics is a skin care collection created specifically to nourish the skin (the body’s largest organ) in a healthy and natural way. Dr. RX Organics is strongly committed to facilitating the process of healing and beautification that is offered by natural healing abilities of minerals and essential oils. Our products consist only of 100% pure naturally organic oils and are ideal for use after mesotherapy, injections and other non-invasive skin procedures.
Lavender is a wild flower we use in Dr. RX Organic Skin Care

We created this quite simply because they were products that were in demand.  Patients were asking for organic products that were gentle on their sensitive and often hormonally affected skin.

Why Choose Organic Skin Care

By choosing to use organic products, you can drastically reduce the amount of chemicals that enter your body. Most skin care products on the market today contain a combination of synthetic ingredients that often include harmful chemicals and synthetic preservatives.  Whether you are a holistic doctor or a cosmetician you know the importance of being able to offer a post-care product that you can stand by proudly.

Plants that are not organic are often heavily contaminated with herbicides, pesticides, and other chemical fertilizers. By choosing organic skin care products, there is security in knowing that the ingredients placed on your skin are nutritious, naturally raised and free from harmful substances.  

The Benefits of Organic Extracts

Here are some other reasons to choose Dr. Rx Organics Products -

The skin is a very absorbent and sensitive organ, absorbing 60% to 70% of what is applied topically and many studies have indicated that the chemicals and synthetic preservatives in most cosmetics can actually contribute to premature aging and many kinds of cancers and diseases.

  • Organic ingredients are not mass-produced and therefore do not contain genetically-modified ingredients and toxic additives like non-organic cosmetic products.

  • Nutrients in organic extracts increase skin elasticity and also heal damaged cells resulting in healed, healthy-looking, youthful skin.

  • Nutrients that are applied topically also have a very high nutritional content that can benefit the entire body as the enzymes and vitamins are absorbed through the surface of the skin and into the bloodstream.

  • Non-organic creams and balms can contain chemicals from fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides but the new  Dr. Rx Organic Skin Care Line is guaranteed to be free of all toxins.  

For more information about the new Dr. RX Organic Skin Line and
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