Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Benefits of Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a natural organic substance that is found in many of the Dr. RX Organic Skin Care Line products. This yummy smelling oil is meant to brace, tone, cool, firm and increase the circulation in the skin.  Peppermint oil will give your client’s or patients skin a healthy glow because the minute that the essential oil vapor touches the end of the olfactory nerve ending there is an intense increase in pulse rate and circulation. 

This newly created line of very effective all-natural skin care products students, professionals at the Pinewood Institute who would like to offer post-care, and maintenance products to their customers and clients.

Peppermint oil is a highly nutritious, easily absorbed oil that  -
  •        contains minerals and vitamins that nourish and firm the skin including magnesium, manganese and copper
  •        brightens and brace skin as constituents in the oil increase the circulation of blood to the complexion
  •         contains menthol that cools and soothes irritated skin
  •        dries the skin slightly which helps prevent the secretion of excess oil that can cause outbreaks
  •        has a clean sharp smelling fresh odour that stimulates the senses
  •        is a natural anti-fungal agent

The other great thing about organically sourced peppermint is that it smells really great, with a kind of grassy back aroma.
You can find peppermint oil in the following Dr. RX Organics products --

Refresh - Facial Cleanser for Aging & Acne Prone Skin  Refreshes Skin
Refresh is a nourishing concentrated cleanser that braces and nourishes the without drying or redness and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.  It is a rare, carefully chosen blend of aromatic and healing herbs and oils that help heal and tone skin tissues. The ideal make-up remover, Refresh removes oil, dirt and make-up without causing skin irritation or breakouts.

Protect (Skin Treatment Balm

Besides aromatic and healing organic peppermint oil, this skin treatment balm consists of an expertly balanced blend of multi-tasking plant extracts including gotu kola, chickweed, calendula and nettle. Protect Cream is rich in Vitamin E and is proficient at healing rashes, eczema, psoriasis, itchy skin, bug bites and rosacea.

For more information about the new Dr. RX Organic Skin Line and
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