Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Top 10 Foods Highest in Healing Vitamin C

One of the consequences of injections or manssotherapies’ or even a slightly abrasive facial is bruising or even a bit of bleeding. To minimize any bruising it is a good idea to suggest that your patient or client eat a diet very rich in vitamin C before having treatment and for a few days after having treatment.
Vitamin C is absolutely necessarily for the healthy maintenance of scar tissue, blood vessels and cartilage and it is necessary for preventing this skin from becoming damaged or scarred. Supplementation in the form of fresh vegetables or fruits is the best medicine for the restoration of older or damaged skin.

Here is a list from most rich to least of the top ten foods that area rich in Vitamin C.  Keep in mind that the recommended daily dose  (DV) is only 60 mg.

# 1      569% Yellow Bell Peppers per large pepper. 
Note that red peppers are 349% and green peppers are 220% DV

#2       209% Guava per average sized fruit
            Note that a full cup of this super fruit provides you with 628% DV

#3       134% Kale per cup chopped
           Note that turnip greens at one cup are 55% and Swiss Chard is 18%. DV

#4       167% Kiwi per cup sliced
            Note that gold kiwi are also very high in Vitamin C at 151%  DV

#5      159% papaya one small
           Note that a small mango provides 100% of your DV.

#6      135% Broccoli per cup of chopped vegetable.
Note that Brussels sprouts are also very high in Vitamin C at 125% DV per cups followed by Green Cauliflower 94%, Cauliflower 86% and Red Cabbage at 60% DV

#7       97%  Strawberries per cup sliced.
Note that other berries are also very high in Vitamin C including Raspberries 54%, Blackberries 50% and Blueberries 24% DV

#8       91% Tomato per cup of cooked fruit
            Note that tomatoes contain almost no fat as well.

#9       70% Orange per whole medium fruit
Note that other citrus fruits high in Vitamin C include 155% for Pomelo,  Lemon at 74%, Clementine at 60% and ½ Grapefruit at 57%.

#10       63%  Peas per cup
            Note that frozen cooked peas are still high at 59%
You can also advise that your client or customer take supplementary Vitamin C up to 1000 mg a day if they do not want to consume their Vitamin C in the form of fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

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