Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Common Side Effects of Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy treatment is a cosmetic procedure where vitamins, minerals and medicines are administered through several injections artfully placed in sites on the face and body to minimize the look of aging. The procedure is used to eliminate fat and cellulite, treat wrinkles and smooth out wrinkles.  Common areas of the body that are treated include the eyelids, under the eyes, the creases from nose to mouth, double chins and forehead creases.  Elsewhere on the body it is used to improve the appearance of the face and neck.

When you perform a mesotherapy procedure on a patient, there are usually few side effects. In fact, it is well known for being a great non-invasive procedure.

Still some patients might experience the following effects:

A Burning Sensation or Itching

Sometimes, during or just after an injection, the patient feels a mild feeling of burning or heat in the area. This is the result of feeling the therapeutic properties of the vitamins, minerals or medicines entering the body. Typically this is a symptom that disappears within minutes if not seconds after the injection.
Hematoma at injection site -
something to avoid!

Itching can also be an issue but usually this does not last more than a few hours after treatment and at most a day.

Pain and Soreness

Everybody is an individual and experiences pain differently. Some people experience pain at the injection site.  What feels like a mild prick to some is more extreme for some people who are naturally nervous, sensitive or even suffering from a form of neuropathy.  

Some people also experience residual soreness at the injection site or int he surrounding muscles. This is easily treated with an Advil or herbal pain reliever if for some reason it does not go away within a day or two.

Bruising and Swelling

Bruising, tiny bumps or swelling can also occur at the injection site. If this is the case, they can be treated with aloe vera gel or arnica.  This also usually clears up within a day or two and most certainly within two weeks of the treatment. 

Other Side Effects

Temporary numbness and discoloration at the injection site is very rare but can happen in some cases. 

If the needle is not handled properly some people can develop a hematoma (a localized swelling at the site that fills with blood) or scarring at the injection site.  

In the Pinewood Institute for the Advancement of Natural Medicine you are taught how to administer these injections artfully and with medical and aesthetic expertise so that your patients do not suffer problems afterwards.

For more information about The Pinewood Institute for the Advancement of Natural Medicine courses including course outlines, detailed descriptions of courses and information about upcoming training sessions, please go www.pinewoodinstitute.com.  You can also send us an email using our email form at http://pinewoodinstitute.com/contact.aspx or call us at 416-656-8100. If you prefer to fax the number is 416-656-8107.

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