Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mesotherapy For Hair Loss

Mesotherapy can help your patients with hair loss just simply because hair loss is often the result of reduced blood circulation to the scalp and mesotherapy is all about increasing circulation through the insertion of needles in the subcutaneous layers of fat beneath the skin.  This helps return essential nutrients that affect hair loss to the hair follicles, which are, in essence the nesting beds of all hair growth.

The Mechanisms of Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

Alopecia (hair loss)
Mesotherapy works by stimulating new hair growth and encouraging existing hair to stay in its place. Needles are administered just below the epidermal layer of the scalp to reach problematic tissue areas. The perforations made by the needles are hardly painful and superficial in nature.  The patient can then also receives a mixture of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, co-enzymes and nucleic acids directly to the affected site.  The healing mixture can be prescribed to each patient in a customized fashion. For instance, silicon could be administered to a patient who is losing hair as the result of allergies, stress or chronic inflammation of the scalp.

No local anaesthesia is required before administering this type of micro-injection.The perforations into the scalp induce a healing reaction from the body, causing elastin and collagen to be produced. This helps produce new healthy tissue that is capable of supporting new hair growth.

Mesotherapy Ingredients for Hair Loss

Each patient is different and the types of nutrients and substances administered to each patient really will depend on diagnose.  Most ingredients injected beneath the skin will be time-released. Often potent isoflavones derived from red clover are injected because they can modulate testosterone to DHT conversion in both males and females who suffer from baldness.

A substance called Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 has also improved helpful as an injectible because it stimulates the scalp to anchor new protein in the hair follicles and soothe the inflammatory response that can cause hair loss. 

Is Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Worth It

People who receive mesotherapy treatments have a 156% increase in hair growth activity compared to 52% in those who use Minoxidal.  However, unlike minoxidal mesotherapy on the scalp can be time-consuming and costly for some.  Most patients notice visible results after two or three treatments. It may take some patients more than five sessions to see any kind of result from the treatment. It is particularly effective for people who suffer from androgenetic alopecia, which is common in both men and women.

The symptoms of this common type of baldness are patchy hair loss, progressive and thinning of the hair.  A huge plus for mesotherapists is that their treatments cost way less than invasive hair transplant surgery and they may see results faster as well.

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