Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Four Ways to Guarantee Great Outcomes With Wrinkle Filler Injections

Whether you are using hyaluronic acid, bovine collagen or autologous wrinkle fillers, there is going to be a time when your patient asks you what must happen in order for the procedure to go as well as possible.  This is when it is a good time to sit down with the patient and tell them these four major points to help them make an informed decision.

1, Do Not Bargain With Your Appearance

Even though cosmetic injectable are not as invasive as plastic surgery it is a good idea to inform your patients that this is indeed another one of those situations where they get what they pay for.”  A proficient and conscientious administrator of the injections will not charge really low and if they are it can mean that they are somehow compromising a component of the treatment itself.

2.  Sterile Treatments In Medical Environments Are Best

Getting your wrinkles filled is not as simple as getting a pedicure or manicure. Your patient needs to know that wrinkle injections need to be done in a medical or medical-like setting with sterile environments. If the treatment is done at home or by an amateur, it may not be safe. Be sure a professional who is trained in the art is the one administering the injection.

3.  Know What You Are Being Injected With …

Never get injectable wrinkle fillers from anywhere outside of a qualified and certified practitioner’s office. It is crucial that the filler used is FDA-approved and that it was bought directly from the maker.  Unfortunately this type of beauty treatment has some corrupt aspects and everything from silicone to baby oil has been used to plump up wrinkles.  Anything but an FDA-approved injectable for wrinkles is likely to be very bad for your health.

Sunscreen minimizes discoloration  
4.  Use Sunscreen After Treatments

Skin that is injected is prone to discoloring due to anti-inflammatory changes in the pigment of the skin. To preserve the filler and the uniform color of the dermis be sure to advise your patient to always wear sunscreen.

All injections come with the risk of  bruising, redness and swelling which is something else you should always forewarn your patient about so they are not alarmed if it occurs.

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