Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mesotherapy Can Help Treat the Physical Symptoms of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a chronic condition marked by a dependence on ethyl alcohol. This dependence can be physiological or psychological or a combination of the two.

Currently one in ten people in North America suffer from alcoholism and some of the physical symptoms can be alleviated using mesotherapy. Alcoholism is a condiiton marked by a dependence on ethy alochol.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

Most people are more familiar with the behavioural symptoms of alcoholism  such as mood
An alcoholic suffering from the skin sores from pellagra.
swings, intoxication, inappropriate anger, deep shame, being in denial of the problem. However less apparent are the physical symptoms that can damage the brain, liver, pancreas duodenum and central nervous systems.
Many alcoholics also develop vitamin deficiencies and even malnutrition and this is where subcutaneous injections of healing homeopathic remedies and vitamins can prove to be of value.

As alcohol is broken down in the liver its repeated consumption inhibits the livers’ production of digestive enzymes, which impairs the body’s ability to absorb proteins, fats and the fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K) as well as the B vitamins.  This means that many essential nutrients re not retained for use by the body and are instead rapidly eliminated through the urine.

The long-term use of alcohol is also very toxic to the liver as it affects the body’s ability to digest fat and also turns healthy liver tissue into fatty tissue.’

Alcoholics also experience --

  • Physical symptoms such as a loss of sensation in the hands or feet, and swelling of the nose
  • Problems with pregnancy and fertility such as impotence, miscarriage and birth defects and
  • Damage to organs such the pancreas and liver
  • Alcoholic pellagra caused by a deficiency of vitamin

Alcoholics are also more at risk for developing mouth cancer and diabetes than other people.

Care and Treatment

Even mild alcoholics suffer severe withdrawal symptoms if they try to quit the habits. Withdrawal symptoms can last two weeks and include insomnia, visual and auditory hallucination and convulsions. The withdrawing alcoholic may also suffer from rapid pulse, heavy sweating and a fever.

Mesotherapy can help with the muscle and joint pain associated with withdrawal as well as the headaches that some people experience. Some individuals might also be experiencing alcoholism-related gout, a painful condition where uric acid crystals build up in the joints. Mesotherapy injections and rolling can also help detoxify joints and relieve the pain.

Alcoholic pellagra is a condition that alocholics can experience that is caused by the liver no longer being able to produce B12. The result is that the alocholic develops sores, scales and keratosis of the skin. Vitamins and homeopathic remedies injected into the site of the sores can help the victim of this unattractive and uncomfortably itchy condition.

If the alcoholic is experiencing a loss of sensation in the hands or feet, mesotherapy can also help with that by stimulating the area and bring more blood flow to the affecte body part so it can heal itself.

The severity of withdrawal symptoms is why it is necessary for many people to withdraw from alcohol under medical supervision or at a rehabilitation facility.


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