Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hydroarthrosis and Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy can be of great assistance in treating hydroarthrosis, which is a swelling of the knee. Hydroarthrosis of the knee joint is swelling caused by the accumulation of fluid inside the joint.  The aim of mesotherapy is  pain relief, muscle relaxation and to compel the body to resist an overwhelming inflammatory response in the joint.

This injury is often the result of a strain and it is often used in combination with proltherapy, which is a treatment that stimulates the body to heal painful areas. The knee is swollen and the person may be unable to walk.  The person might feel like there is something loose or moving around in the knee.  There may also be an audible crackling and grating noise when the person tries to walk or move the joint.  Mesotherapy injections can go a long way towars helping the swelling go down. 

The Causes of Hydroarthrosis

The accumulation of clear, honey colored fluid is the result of irritation of the synovial membrane. The over production of this fluid may be due to inflammatory disease, due to cartilage damage or due to a fracture of the knee.If the knee is swollen because it has suffered an impact then there may be blood in the fluid.

Sometimes this fluid accumulation in the knee has its origins in venuous insufficiency, and mesotherapy injections can also assist with that.

Care and Treatment

Mesotheapy cocktails can include muscle relaxants, calcitonin, highly polymerized DNA, indo-sulfur combinations, B vitamins, vasodilators and choroprotective agents. Agents that treat a lack of circulation, especially venuous insufficiency might also be used to overcome decompensation inside the knee joint.

Rest and alternating ice packs with heat packs on the knee help relieve the pain. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as Advil may be prescribed to help reduce swelling. Oral or intravenous steroids might also be administered to help relieve swelling or pain.

If the swelling is severe then the fluid may be aspirated from the joint using a needle.

Very rarely an operation may be recommended to correct ligaments or bones that may have been displaced by prolonged periods of joint swelling.

Most people recover from hydarthrosis, as it is usually the result of an injury that eventually heals itself.  It is rare, but this condition can also cause permanent disability.

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