Thursday, May 26, 2016

Focus on Phosphatidylcholine (PTC)

This is the first in a series of blogs that are focused on the specific uses of natural substances and medications that are used in mesotherapy.  Today’s blog is about Phosphatidylcholine (PTC) which is an injectable that is used in the treatment of localized fat deposits, cellulite and lipoma.  It is an injectable that is very popular with mesotherapists treating their clients for aging.

What is Phosphatidylcholine (PTC)

In mesotherapy, Phosphatidylchline treats cellulite.
PTC is considered to be a nutritional supplement and it has yet to be approved or banned by the FDA in the U.S. It is also considered to be a nutritional supplement in Canada.  It is a phospholipid, which is a substance that makes up and strengthens cell membranes.  When it is metabolized it changes to choline, essential fatty acids and glycerol.

The Benefits of Phosphatidylcholine (PTC)

In mesotherapy phosphatidylcholine (PTC) include:

*The dissolving of fat deposits (in which case the phosphatidycholine is injected directly into the problem
*The dissolving of fibroids, especially alcoholic fibrosis (when injected in or near the fibroids)
*May help the liver recover from viral hepatitis as a beneficial side effect of the injection
*May help balance moods as a beneficial side effect of the injection
*May improve memory as a beneficial side effect of the injection
*May be helpful in cases of tardive dyskinesia (involuntary repetitive movements caused by nerve damage that is usually a consequence of taking medication)

The Side Effects of Phosphatidylcholine (PTC)

No major side effects have been reported when PTC is used as an injection. However when it is taken orally, it causes drooling, nausea and diarrhea.  The only real side-effect may be swelling and soreness at the injection site.  On a very sensitive patient’s skin, these can look like welts.  Sometimes a mesotherapy injection can feel sore for one two week after the treatment.  Sometimes there is also itching at the site or numbness and tingling, which can be mistaken for an allergic reaction when it is not.  Usually the application of an ice pack or taking a Tylenol can help deal with the soreness and inflammation.  Sometimes the skin beneath the injection can feel lumpy, but that is usually evidence that the PTC is breaking up and dissolving the fat where it is injected

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  1. I cannot believe that I have so wrong about PTC all this while. I have been condemning anyone who suggested any form of injection in order to loose cellulites. I was so wrong