Monday, May 2, 2016

Focus on Aminophylline

This is the second in a series of blogs that are focused on the specific uses of natural substances and medications that are used in mesotherapy.  Today’s blog is about Aminophylline, which is an mesotherapeuitic injectable that is used to treat of localized fat deposits and cellulite.  It is an injectable that is very popular with mesotherapists treating their clients for aging.

What is Aminophylline?

Aminophuline facilitates weight loss.
Aminophylline is approved for use as a bronchodilator, antiasthmatic medication and it is used to treat COPD.  It is packaged in an injection solution of theophylline and water. It is a substance that has beta-adrenergic effects, which means it increases cellar metabolic activity and the lipoysis (the ridding of fat from the body.)  Weight loss and the dissolving of fat is a beneficial side-effect to a drug initially approved for use on the lungs.

The Benefits of Aminophylline

In mesotherapy aminophylline include:

*The dissolving of fat deposits (in which case the phosphatidycholine is injected directly into the problem
*Maybe an improvement in the symptoms asthma and COPD (as an added bonus however this is more evident if it is inhaled through a vaporizer)
*Maybe weight loss (as the substance has an action that is very similar to epeniphrine; the natural “speed” drug that causes weight loss)

The Side Effects of Aminophylline

This mesotherapy, although effective for fat dissolution, can have side effects.  Side effects can include:

*fluttering or racing heart
*swelling and soreness at the injection site

Individuals that should not take Aminophylline include individuals with seizure disorders and people with peptic ulcers. If your patient is on an inhaler for asthma he or she should not take injections of aminophylline.  Injections should be avoided if the patient is on certain drugs such as alopurinol, cimetidine, ciprofoxacin, erythomycin, lithium carbonate, phenytoin and propanolol. People on oral contraceptives should also dismiss aminophlline as a treatment.

If for some reason someone has a reaction to  Aminophylline, stop the injection immediately and administer oxygen and intraveneous fluids to prevent hypotension.

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