Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mesotherapy's Uses In Sports Medicine

Mesotherapy can help treat bursitis and other sports injuries.
When you begin to offer mesotherapy to your patients and clients, you will find that many of them are coming to you in search of pain relief for trauma or chronic discomfort due to sports injuries. One of the main uses of mesotherapy all across the world is in the area of sports medicine, where musculoskeletal problems such a sprains, muscle strain, spinal disorders, tendinitis and arthritis are treated on a routine basis.  The main benefit of using mesotherapy to treat the pain of sports injuries is that it spares the athlete the liver damage and nerve damage that are so often the side effect of pain killers that are prescribed.

Mesotherapy works by treating the muscle soreness and inflammation due to injuries and for many this substantially speeds up recovery time.  Mesotherapy can also provide the person with a relaxation response that also helps alleviate pain.

Mesotherapy can treat:

·      Algodystrophy, which refers to extreme complex pain in area that has been damaged
·      Tunnel syndrome that affects the bursae, such as would be the case of a tennis player with a damaged shoulder
·      Edema due to post traumatic osteroarticular pain (following a sprain or a strain)
·      Inflammation of muscular tendons and sheathes due to a strain or injury
·      Irregularities and tears in the muscle due to injury
·      Osteochondroses, which can cause the onset of extreme pain around a bone
·      Perisostis, which is an inflammation of tissue around a bone
·      Radicular pain, which follows a nerve along the path of a bone
·      Pain form degenerative joint disease

How effective is mesotherapy for relieving the pain of sports injuries?  Quite a few people experience relief in two to three days, others may need six or seven weekly treatments before they feel better.  After that some people may need to visit you for a “tune-up” injection every four to six weeks.

Mesotherapeutic medications that are used to treat sports injuries via injection include:

·      B vitamins
·      Calcitonin
·      Chondroprotective agents
·      Indo-sulfur combinations
·      Local anesthetic
·      Muscle relaxants
·      Non-steroid anti-inflammatory agents
·      Polymeried DNA
·      Vasodilating agents

It is also important to note that mesotherapy may work better for people who have chronic pain, rather than acute pain. You might also want to note that some people are allergic to B vitamin injections and numbing agents. Mesotherapy for sports injuries also works better if your patient does them in conjunction with other therapies.

Of course, knowing precisely how to handle the injector and what mesotherapy medicines to give in each situation is what you will be learning in the Pinewood Toronto mesotherapy courses that I offer. The more accurate you are with the depth and position of the injector, the better your patient will heal.

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